Feedback from audience

The dress rehearsal and performance received many positive and helpful comments…

Dress Run Friday April 29

  • Wonderful opportunity to refresh my relationship to books, reflection and my body.
  • Really great use of Space, Light and sound works. Excellent!
  • Great initiative. Good to see the library bringing the body into play.
  • Loved the moving dancers, moving audience, moving props all at the same time.
  • My book club would have loved it, the relationship to body-lots to think about-thanks for invite!
  • Loved it! A whole different relationship to books.
  • Great use of the space. I liked the hand held projections and fluid movements
  • Thanks-really interesting-never seen a performance here before.
  • Very interesting, my first experience of this kind of dance-well done!

Performance Sat April 30

  • I’ve had more hugs today than I have for ages!
  • Loved it! Visually experiential Great space, first time I’ve been in the library for ages, and I’m a Leeds resident.
  • Came with my 10month old…we both loved it! Intense and lovely-thank you!
  • Engaging performance-I went home with a strange wish of reading a book.
  • A great experience-more please! Really enjoyable and engaging, found myself sifting through enthusiastic ideas.
  • “The requirement of reading-a lifetime’
  • Liked the use of the film
  • Enjoyable stimulating performance in a wonderful space-the journey from door to performance room felt part of the scene
  • Fun and enchanting world, created from the library performed in the heart of the library, humanizing the book.
  • Thought proving, aesthetically delightful. THANK YOU
  • Powerful, lovely and refreshing.
  • The use of books bound for destruction was great, they provoked more emotion, thought and discussion than they could have sitting on a shelf or in a shredder. Thanks.
  • Excellent performance-Lets have MORE!
  • How we were invited into the Space: this was possibly a missed opportunity to engage and direct the audience in a subtle way e.g.—–find where your gaze takes you —- Be prepared to be settled and unsettled.

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